Personal Statement On Personal Responsibility

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What is personal responsibility? What does it mean to have personal responsibility? How do I practice personal responsibility? These are questions that have boggled the mind of every individual at different stages of their lives. The definition of personal responsibility varies from person-to-person, but the popular meaning focuses on the concept that every action has a consequence. Personal responsibility was embedded on my mind at an early age. It was part of my upbringing and learning process. I can still hear my mother saying: “If you do not do your homework, you cannot watch TV”, “If you do not clean your room, you cannot go outside.” Possessing the understanding of how actions have consequences, either positive or negative, is essential to thrive and achieve personal, professional, and academic success. As I matured and developed my intellect, the meaning of personal responsibility became more than just making myself accountable, it also includes doing what is correct, taking charge of my life, and placing the blame on myself for the drawbacks and repercussions that my actions brings. Achieving success in my academic, professional, and individual goals depends on the acceptance of personal responsibility with my education, family, community, and health. The first step to achieve success and change my personal and social condition is to acknowledge the important role personal responsibility has in my education. As an individual and as part of society, I have a personal
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