Personal Statement On Physical And Social Wellness

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Over the course of this year, I have seen tremendous growth in my personal wellness. Although I have greatly improved, there are still areas that I need to work on. This year I have seen the greatest amount of growth in my physical and social wellness. My SMART goals this semester centered on my physical and social wellness, so it makes sense that I have seen improvement in these areas. Throughout the semester I have accomplished my goals every week and in some weeks I have surpassed my goals. My physical wellness goal required me to work out three times a week for at least thirty minutes. I have successfully meet this goal each week, and half way through the semester I had the opportunity to increase my goal to four times a week. A…show more content…
This is a lesson I can use later on in my practice as I attempt to teach people about their occupations and why they might participate in them. Another wellness goal I created this semester focused on my social wellbeing. This goal required me to Skype my friends from high school once a week for thirty minutes. This goal focused on increasing my social wellness, as well as helping me to stay in touch with my friends I do not see every day. This goal has greatly impacted my wellness this semester. Each week I have had the opportunity to talk to at least one of my friends. Although we are all busy college students, our strong friendship allowed them to create time in their hectic schedule just for me. This semester has reaffirmed my understanding of true friendship. When I arrived at college, I created friendships based off of proximity, instead of interests and values. Although I have many friends at college, none of the relationships compare to the ones I have from home. In middle school I selected my friends based off of common activities, but these friendships have continued into college, due to our shared values and opinions. Our shared values include religion, family and school. Although I share commonalities with my friends at college, I believe no one shares all three of these core values with me. Which creates unnecessary stress and anger. However, talking to my friends from home has reduced my stress, and it has provided an outlet where I can release my
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