Personal Statement On Principles Of Responsibility, Respect, And Concern Essay

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“There has to be some common ground.” I caught the tail end of this sentence during a morning radio news story while commuting to work. Although the story was about the recent polarizing presidential election, the phrase stuck with me throughout the day. As I continue to critically reflect on my ethical framework for this paper, I will write about my core values in relation to Thomas G. Plante’s RRICC principles of responsibility, respect, and concern for others from his book “Do the Right Thing,” as well as other underlying morals and how they guide my actions. For the RRICC principles to be effective in living an ethical life, I recognize that a middle ground has to be reached. These values cannot be seen in an all or nothing sense. Each principle has difficulties and each has proven to be effective when that middle ground is met. From these principles, I can see that there is a common bond between me and others, whether the social connection is cultural, societal, familial, or professional. This paper will show how the actualization of the certain moral principle of responsibility, respect, and concern for others are the centerpiece in the foundations of my ethical framework. I have tried to embrace these principles governing my treatment of the world in a rationally grounded belief system. I contend that sentient and non-sentient beings ought to be considered as having inherent worth and that determines my moral relationship with others in the journey of living
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