Personal Statement On Professional Identity Development Survey

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In order to become a great social worker, one has to develop great skills and be familiar with different strategies that will allow a social worker to help in the best way possible. Identifying your strengths, and weaknesses is a great way to start the process of learning about the areas one has to improve on. This paper will discuss my personal values, and how my values and feelings influence my attitudes and behaviors. In order to fully explore my identity I have taken the following surveys; professional identity development survey (PIDS), core survey, and VIA character strengths survey. I see my personal and professional values as congruent with social work and NASW code of ethics because to become a great social worker a person needs…show more content…
If a client finds their social workers dishonest they won 't open up about their core problems therefore the client won’t feel comfortable with being helped or served by that social worker. That is why it is important, to practice honesty, and to be aware of different values and ethical principles and stay consistent with them. I see myself promoting these social values as a social worker because I think that by following these values a great change can happen in the society as well as globally. I think that the most efficient way to practice these values is to follow them and practice consistency, and also set an example for others who are in the social work practice, as well as the patients who need guidance and someone to look up to and be inspired by. For example, in an environment where a social worker is starting a journey with a client in the first couple meetings, the workers should express the values that he/she stands for and explain the way she implements those values in life situations. I believe that figuring out the most successful ways of promoting values from the code of ethics takes great practice and in my opinion, the first few clients in the beginning of one’s career are experimental to truly learn which methods work best. In the next few paragraphs, I will be discussing the results of the surveys that I have taken. The results show my qualities and my strengths that will potentially be an asset in the field of social work. First, I have taken
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