Personal Statement On Revenge Seeking Behavior

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To describe power and revenge seeking behavior in my own words. I think that revenge seeking behavior is when the student decides because they have been wronged and that you the teacher need to both know and pay for this hurt. The student does not care whether or not you are the one who hurt them and this pain may be perceived instead of factual . Power seeking behavior is when a student I believe wants to be the conductor of the class. Students who are seeking power want to show both their teacher and their classmates that they the student and not the teacher is in charge. Some examples of revenge seeking behavior are students who destroy property , start fights and verbal attack the teacher. Some examples of power seeking behavior is talking back and refusing to do work in the active form. Power seeking behavior can also be passive some passive forms are to be labeled as lazy, forgetful, less capable. I have not seen my mentor deal with an revenge seeking behavior. I also cannot think of a time that i had to deal with clear cut revenge seeking behavior. All the times when I have experienced something close to revenge seeking behavior in students it is usually at the very beginning of my classes . so I often “deliver a closing statement “ . My closing statement is a little different than in the book I often issue a demerit if one is needed and then say things like “time out , I am not sure why you are angry with me. But you just got here, so I want you to take a
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