Personal Statement On Self Awareness

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Introduction: What does it mean to be self-aware? In simple terms, it is the ability to know who you are. Although self-awareness seems like a simple practice, it can be extremely difficult due to the way we perceive ourselves. We perceive ourselves as something we are not, usually influencing our self-awareness with the bias of who we think we are in terms of who we want to be. The key to self-awareness is removing bias from the equation and making a truthful evaluation of who we are. This includes actually being aware of how we live, think, and act. In Consideration of my self-awareness, I consider myself to be moderately self-aware. As a person, I am relatively confident in evaluating and analyzing the way I live, however, what comes as…show more content…
As a person with a strong desire to achieve, I rely heavily on organization. I systematically plan my life and usually have a plan or solution for every problem or opportunity I face. In addition, I live to succeed and excel. Even in University, I strive to excel, not simply pass with a minimal grade. Having said that, I am currently enjoying success in post-secondary education as I have been able to maintain an 81% average, even earning a $1200 scholarship for the school year. Now, because I have recognized what I feel like is a positive trait, I must touch on my tendency to be pessimistic. I usually get worked up and tend to plan for negative consequences in life. Essentially, I want to be prepared for anything. However, I do not necessarily view my preparedness as a negative trait, but, the feeling and thinking associated is negative. Not only can my thinking negatively affect those around me, it is both stressful and psychologically taxing for myself. Recognizing this, I look to remain prepared, but also stay cool, calm, and collected, eventually striving for optimistic behaviour. What I Have Learned During the semester, I was able to increase my self-awareness due to multiple tools, such as the Myers Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI), consultation of family and friends, and
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