Personal Statement On Self Care Plan

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SELF-CARE PLAN 1) My current life circumstances- • I’m a wife and mother of 20 months old baby so have responsibilities being a mother and wife • Do the household chores, cooking and grocery shopping • Doing workplace wellness and health promotion program at Centennial college • Work at Walmart on weekends How can I benefit from practicing self-care in my life? They say in case of emergency situations you need to help yourself first then only you would be better able to help others. Getting time for one self and breaking the old patterns would be hard but what will happen to my family if I am not mentally, emotionally or physically healthy? I will reflect nothing else but only bad to them and this will make my condition even worse. The worse may happen when they will start making distance from me. Everybody likes people who are happy with positive attitude. If I implement healthy self-care practice in my day-to-day life I will be more prepared for difficult situations in my life. Also if I take good care of myself I can take better care of my family. I can set good example for my baby who is learning from me, about the ways of living life. I will be happy from my life with more creativity. Also, I would be able to manage my work and life balance. I recently experienced internal happiness and benefits from self- care practice. When on last Friday, I could manage to sneak some time, out of my daily routine of stressful life. I
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