Personal Statement On Self Confidence

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Self-confidence To have a positive outlook on life we all have to gain confidence physically and mentally. We can attain self-confidence overtime; we need it in order to be successful in life. Although, it is difficult in our society to attain high level self-esteem due to picture perfect images, plastic surgery, and surreal role models. Low self-esteem is not only in women it is in men; everyone has some sort of low self-esteem because as humans none of us are perfect. Technology has come a long way with the invention of Photoshop and photo editors. Individuals around the world idolize singers, actors, reality stars, and models. Looking up to celebrities as perfection, people begin to want to look like them. In Pretty Unreal the authors…show more content…
In these situations confidence is masked with false images; giving people a sense of confidence, but not obtaining it. Besides Photoshop, plastic surgery is a permanent way to change any physical characteristic. There are things one can change, without having to go through any knife or injection— the way they dress, hairstyles, and working out. When it comes to our image plastic surgery has provided an easy yet dangerous solution to fix what one considers their imperfection/ flaw. It is not only adults; teens are also getting cosmetic surgery which only is deteriorating the youth. Stated in the article Pretty Unreal, “Last year in the United States, more than 300,000 teens are 18 or younger had some sort of cosmetic surgery done” (Mehta, Sparling. 288). An increasing number of teens are getting cosmetic procedures done; plastic surgery has become common with in different age groups and families. Personally in my family I know many teens and adults that have gotten plastic surgery, liposuction, nose jobs, to butt jobs. I believe that teens my age should not be worrying about getting procedures done because there are many risks involved. Adolescence is taken away due to constantly worrying about physical image. Many individuals risk their lives in order to change their appearance. By changing their image they can either gain confidence or lower their
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