Personal Statement On Self Confidence

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learnt at university, to plan out my vision before expressing it. This will help others buy in to my vision. To do this, I will need to improve my self-confidence. Self-confidence is an important characteristic of successful leaders. Cavallo and Brienza (2006) explain that self-confidence assists in the imaging process. Having self-confidence not only helps, when and how well you explain your vision, but, can help in developing an advanced vision (Sosik & Dinger, 2007). Sosik and Dinger (2007) state that confident leaders are able to portray their idea in a way that facilitates trust, necessary for implementation. This is something that I have always struggled with, I have always doubted my ability and skills. This makes me shy a way of sharing ideas and for fighting for them. On placement, I would often use language that was discouraging of myself as a social work practitioner and my skill set. My supervisor stated, that I need to be more confident in what I bring to the organization. From this, I realized as a future practitioner near my final stages of my degree, self-confidence is a characteristic that I need to really further develop. This is because, there is a need as a professional, to be confident in my own practice, in order for my future clients and colleagues to trust in my ability. According to Adams and Adams (2008) there is a perception of power that clients feel. This perception, is that they assume that the worker in authority are competent. Thus, if I
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