Personal Statement On Self Esteem

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“According to the dictionary definition, To esteem a thing is to prize it, to set a high mental valuation upon it; when applied to persons, esteem carries also the warmer interest of approval, cordiality, and affection” (Blascovich, 1991). Self-esteem is essentially used to not only describe an individual 's sense of self-worth but also there personal value. This is most often times described as a personality trait, requiring validation of ones emotional and behavioral needs that fulfill numerous beliefs about an individuals sense of self. Not only is self-esteem a fundamental need for ones development but it is also significant to ones survival. Self-esteem not only occurs in alliance with an individual 's feelings and behaviors, but also with ones actions and thoughts. “To achieve personal satisfaction, a person has to be able to express his/her real self in social interaction and receive social recognition for it” (Amichai-Hamburger, 2002). If an individual is unable to express themselves, they will attempt to find a structure where she or he will be able to express their needs as well as personality. There levels of shyness as well as self-confidence are not fixed states and are able to be changed over any given amount of time (Manning, 1993). With a growing need for individuals to find ways to be able to express themselves, “research from a variety of disciplines, including communication, reflects a growing concern with compulsive internet use and its potential ill

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