Personal Statement On Self Esteem

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Trusting your abilities, judgment and power is confidence; to have a positive outlook on life one has to gain confidence mentally by embracing every characteristic inside and out. One has to accept their physical appearance and personality. Self-confidence can be attained overtime; individuals need it in order to be successful in life. Low self-esteem is not only in women it is in men; everyone has some sort of low self-esteem because as humans none of us are perfect. It is difficult, in our society today, to attain high level self-esteem due to picture perfect images, plastic surgery, and surreal role models. Technology has come a long way with the invention of Photoshop and photo editors. With these software programs people can change the way they look physically. Individuals around the world idolize singers, actors, reality stars, and models. Looking up to celebrities as perfection, people begin to want to look like them. In “Pretty Unreal” the authors state, “…Photoshop a widely used software program, can digitally narrow hips or add to cleavage and make almost any change to look realistic. ‘It’s all fake’, she added” (286). The use of Photoshop is used on celebrities, making them look “perfect”, not nearly as your “normal” everyday person. When people see these images of the stars they look up to, they have a desire to look picture perfect. Being picture perfect meaning— blemish free skin, healthy hair, and a toned body structure. In reality those stars have

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