Personal Statement On Self Management Essay

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There is a saying, “Students do not care how much you know until they know how much you care,” I have found this to be true with my own children and with every child that I have encountered. Caring means not only providing an emotionally and physically safe environment. It also necessitates establishing clear expectations, rules and procedures so students know what to do and when to do it, it requires advanced planning of pertinent, collaborative, and enjoyable lessons that challenge children to achieve their best work, and it begs the development of fair and consistent relationships based on respect and understanding. I believe that teaching means recognizing each student as diverse and unique, with different learning styles and intelligences (Savage & Savage, 2010, p. 130). I am not just teaching subject matter, I am nurturing future citizens that are active community members and life-long learners. Self-management is taking responsibility for one’s behavior and being able to discipline one’s action in the classroom. I believe the instructor should teach and model self-management at the same time that they teach and model the procedures and practices in a classroom. This teaching and modeling include the reasons behind the practices and continues until the student self-management and class procedures become routine. Attaining students’ attention, passing out papers, movement between groups, turning in homework, and leaving the classroom, are some examples of the many

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