Personal Statement On Self Service

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During the case study, we processed the presentation within 5 times, which included in ideas collection, task allocation, detailed modification and slides combination. Lastly, we organised the rehearsing.
(Patthranit Pasusuwan) We allocated this presentation into four parts and in each part each person had task to find support data. In part of background and the information about self-service was done by me. According to the background I presented the overall of self-service in many types of organisations such as banking (ATM, ADM), gas station (self-fuel), airport (self-service check-in) and supermarket (self-service scanning). Then I focused on self-service checkout that consisted of the process of self-checkout and the history of it. The first country that applied this system to use it and UK was the first region that used it in Europe. Then find the information that supermarket in UK that used this leading edge technology to use in Marks & Spencer and Tesco.
(Wan Nur Farahlyana) For the advantages part, we decided to divide it into two parts which was advantages to supermarkets and to consumers.
For supermarkets, it is cost efficiency. Nowadays, the economic condition is still recovering process due to the global financial crisis in 2009. For some supermarkets, the business is may be a little slow and the revenue is just on the par to sustain in the industry. With this situation going on, paying the salaries of multiple cashiers may increases their expenses. With the…

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