Personal Statement On Social Identity

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Social identity is most commonly explained as a person’s awareness of who they are according to groups they assign themselves with (social class, teams, family, etc.). When I think about my own social identity I ask myself, “What defines me?” Social identities allow us to have a sense of belonging in a hectic world.
For my own social identity I know that I am a white young adult. I am able to acknowledge that I am female and I also identify as a woman. I practice Christianity, am a heterosexual and would classify myself as middle to upper class. Additionally, I am able bodied. These particular attributes I identify myself with I think of most frequently. If I were to rank them from most thought about to least the order would go as so, young adult, woman, a female, white, heterosexual, upper to middle class, able bodied and lastly Christian.
Identifying myself as a female and a women as well allows me to see recognize the differences between men and women. This is becoming more and more relevant to my everyday life. I think that is because I will be graduating in May, and finding a job will be challenging. However, since I am a woman it will be even more challenging since it has been discussed that men are supposedly ‘better and stronger leaders’. Not only will being a women play into my future job hunt, but also being a young adult who is a recent college graduate. That could additionally play a factor into jobs because I have less experience than other potential…
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