Personal Statement On Social Media

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Social media is an excellent online source to broadcast our personal achievements to accomplish our goals.It’s a great way to develop personal identity,establish a reputation and stand out in our professional field. Creating a personal brand or image is a long term vision and it takes several steps to achieve the personal vision.
My field of specialization is the corporate video production and in my creative field people often want to deal with a person. I have been told by managers of big companies that they are tired of famous media agencies because they get lost in technological practices and are tossed between multiple employees.
When I started as freelancer to make corporate videos, most of my work came from referrals. In my third year, developed a strong network of connections from my industry on LinkedIn and that formula helped me to build a reputation, make targeted connections and show my creative work through YouTube channel to grow my media business. LinkedIn is a place where you can increase your business and big companies do hire talented people from this source.
Building a strong personal brand it’s important to know your brand and message, what makes you stand out and choose your target audience to serve them best. Ask yourself, what you want to do to serve best and focus on the strategy on building a great personal brand in an authentic and honest way from the beginning. “No one can evolve in their own career if they’re not finding things they like doing,”
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