Personal Statement On Taking Fitness Wellness

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At the very start of the school year semester. I was not at all fond about taking Fitness Wellness. I was honestly dreading the fact of working out. However, I knew I needed to take it and be a trooper about it. After all I could not really debate about it or complain about it. The Reason being it was a requirement set for me. Even though I was not excited about taking this program. I still decided to set up some personal goals, before starting the course. One personal goal of mine was to lose the extra body fat I had gained in the past months. My second goal was to achieve a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier. My third goal was to work out more and lastly gain a toner body figure like a healthy model you could say. In total I settled up four personal goals. When I set up goals for myself I try my best to accomplish them. Am happy to stay I was able to reach my four personal goals by the end of the semester. We all know our mind tends to challenge us by playing mind games. So, in my head the whole time am thinking it going to be hard staying focus and determine accomplishing them. However, on the contrary it was not at all that difficult. Even though I did encounter a few problems along the way trying to complete them. One of the problems I run into was learning to control my drive. In the sense of controlling how much I ate and stopping myself from choosing to eat unhealthy foods. For example, if my family was having pizza on a certain day I would try my best to
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