Personal Statement On Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy

I see students as the next generations’ heroes in so many fields. In my vision, I have to inspire students and prepare them with confidence, knowledge, experience and skills. Which means I encourage, communicate, guide, teach, and assess students in order to enrich their infrastructures.
The instructor-student treatment have huge impacts on the educational progress and honesty. The more encouragement I offer results in an increased trust and responsibility by students. Both increase their feel of worthy, both show that students can and will learn and achieve. I influence them until their inner feeling of “I want/need to master this subject” escalate. For instance, once a while I share a story of my own. Why I am learning and teaching and how I am still looking for more knowledge. There are couple of sayings that I use to encourage more learning and reading; the first one says, “Aim for higher expectations and if not met you won’t be far from your target”. The second says,” No one was born a scientist, everyone learns”.
Preference, discussion and feedback are important, because different students have diverse opinions, backgrounds, fears, perspectives, expectations and questions. Eventually, more discussions and feedback allow more understanding for both instructor and learner. They actually allow the instructor to evaluate students. Sometimes the questions asked are more towards an insight or a goal the student or the instructor is trying to reach. For
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