Personal Statement On The American Dream

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The American dream is a well-known phrase. Working hard is the key to being blissful and successful. My personal “American Dream” is to be truly prosperous. True happiness for me would include fortunate marriage, my dream career, an impeccable house, and two healthy kids. I heard my aunt say this before and I agree wholeheartedly: “Everything good in life is worth working for”. In order to attain my American dream I have set goals for myself. My first goal is to have a blissful marriage. A truly blissful marriage to me would have trust, honesty, communication, love, and so much more. Of course to achieve true happiness in marriage is forgiveness and being able to let go of the little things. In my happy marriage, my husband would have to share responsibilities and at the same time, try not to expect too much from me and I would do the same. In addition the ideal marriage for me would have cuddling, sex, booty grabbing, laughter, vacations, and slews of hugs and kisses. Another important thing to remember is no marriage is perfect. Furthermore my husband would never ever go to sleep mad at me and he will always say “I love you” before leaving and before bed. Additionally, he will remember to thank me, he will also think about what he says before he says it, and he will show that he appreciates me and will never take anything for granted. With this in mind, making each other happy is very essential in any marriage so I would ask myself what I can do to make my partner
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