Personal Statement On The Community

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Assign #13 Engaging the Community When reflecting on the information given to me by my principal I found it very informative because if we do not inform the community on different events, activities, and other school business ventures, then our school will lack positive community involvement. For instance my principal gave me great insight into different steps he takes to inform our local community of different events that are taking place within our community. For example, he made it clear it’s very important for all teachers and staff to help inform our community over different events and successes through either the local or school newspaper along with our local radio stations. These are just some of his ways of helping inform our community. I think he made a great point when he mentioned with the lack of community knowledge, simply people will be uninformed of activities taking place within our school, which is very vital for our schools success. My principal Mr. Suther, is a great individual that faced many hard times as a principal since the year I graduated from Chapman, as a student. When I attended Chapman he was the principle that knew how to connect with you as a student, he made you believe that success could come from a good education. Now as an educator myself, I am constantly learning more from him and I see all the great improvements he has made over the years at CHS. I know it had to be hard for him when he was dealing with our schools being destroyed
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