Personal Statement On The Ending Of A Friendship

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Introduction The band, Semisonic once sang in their hit song “Closing Time”, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”. I was lucky to stumble upon this lyric as I began writing my relationship analysis paper on the ending of a friendship because it helped me realize that just because this friendship may have failed, I’ve learned so much from it and I’ve learned what being a friend truly is. I have gotten to experience new beginnings from the ending of the one I had with Julie and have been able to grow from it. During my sophomore year of high school, I struggled with finding my identity. Was I the druggy, the goody two shoes, the athletic one? I had no idea. In math class one day a girl reached out to me though, and I thought I was finally going to find my identity. But, to my dismay I learned that my identity was not going to be found in Julie, I would have to find and create it myself. In this paper I will be analyzing my friendship with Julie using Knapp’s Stages of Relational Development and I will also be applying two concepts, similarity and self-disclosure to the relationship from the book, Understanding Human Communication. Part 1: Case Analysis As I said earlier, I struggled with finding my identity and my close niche of friends during the beginning my sophomore year of high school. In my algebra class I finally made a friend I thought who could, possibly become my best friend. Julie and I had been acquaintances for a while. We went to middle
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