Personal Statement On The Function Of Leadership

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I originally enrolled in Dr. Galindo’s class P712 as a requirement for graduation. My Master’s studies program at Emory University was coming to an end and little did I know that I would arrive at a cross-road, nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprise. I entered this space with hopeful expectations of doing well in order to finish this part of my journey. I also hoped that I would receive direction to God’s next assignment. The only thing I knew was my instructions were to “go” and I would receive the details once I arrived. My reflection paper will hopefully articulate (1) my original or foundational understanding of the function of leadership in the context of my ministry setting and how it relates to a personal understanding of…show more content…
These expressions were coupled with the ability to hear from God and delivering his timely messages to people who were in need, because of his love. My grandfather was the second adored leader in my life, his physical position in the church as Deacon solidified my posture and confirmed the importance of community. In contrast, my adopted father the third and also a strong presence in my life, shaped my enthusiasm for music and fearlessness. He was a career soldier and decorated veteran of the Vietnam war. When I think of him I am reminded of the ballad “What a difference a day makes”, this classic number was performed beautifully by Dinah Washington and had the ability to transcend one’s thinking. My father loved all era’s of music, so ultimately, our Saturday morning were peaceful serenades of soulful eclectic pieces. Those mornings was a sort of church experience, thus I became a music lover as well. I learned at an early age that music and right words transcend all illogic moods and thinking. I also, learned about the healing qualities of song and word, as well as the Joy that accompanies it. Much later, I acquired my fourth understanding of leadership, when I arrived at New Zion Christian Church formally KBCC, under the pastoral leadership of Apostle J. Pleasant, my conceptualization would then become cognitive. Even though I had an advanced understanding of the word of God, I did not understand why I “functioned”. Why God gave me this
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