Personal Statement On The Group Process

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In this paper, I reflect on my experience when I attempted to constructively confront another group member. I, also, consider the possible reasons for several members’ reluctance to disclose. Yalom & Leszcz (2005) stated: “If there is something important going on in the group that cannot be talked about, there will always be a degree of generalized communicative inhibition” (p. 243). The educational nature of the group, I believe, inhibits members from self-disclosing fully and giving honest feedback. By observing this situation in the group process, I have increased my understanding of the importance of members’ motivation in the establishment of group cohesion. In this paper, I use aliases to protect the confidentiality of group members. My Reaction to the Group Process When the leader invited unfinished business, Lori, a fellow group member, reflected on her experience in the previous session, in which she had struggled with containing her emotions. In my written reflection on that session, I shared my frustration with her lack of disclosure and my eventual realization that her guardedness was probably natural given the educational nature of the group. In the current session, Lori stated that she had been grappling with a feeling of shame. Then Lori agreed to hear feedback from other group members. One by one, each member gave Lori positive and supportive feedback, until only myself and one other member had not yet spoken. I had not decided to speak because the comments I
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