Personal Statement On The Probation Service

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The probation service also offers information and support to victims of sexual or violent incidents. Health visiting – health visitors work with families to make sure that children are given the best start in life possible. Having the skills to identify vulnerable families means health visitors can work with parents allowing them to state their own needs and be given advice on the best type of support they should receive. The support given could be; • Referring families to specialists, such as speech and language therapists • Arranging access to support groups, such as those provided by sure start children’s centres • Organising practical support They also work closely with other professionals, agencies and healthcare professionals who share a common commitment to children’s development and the health and well-being of children and families. Health visitors are trained and are able to recognise early signs of abuse and neglect in children. They will be involved all the way through the child protection process, including case reviews and will sometimes be required to attend court. Where safeguarding concerns are raised, the health visiting team will keep in close contact with all concerned. This will ensure that any child who is deemed at risk is safe and protected and also that the families are supported throughout. TDA 4.10 - Explain why it is important to ensure children and young people are protected from harm within the work setting. It is important that children and
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