Personal Statement : Opposites Attracts, Fits

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My parents are both very different from each other but somehow are compatible. In this case the saying, opposites attracts, fits. My mother has always been the super fun one craving to do fun things on a whim. She had always been the one to convince my dad to adopt animals, so if it was not for her we probably would not have the pets we do. My dad is very calm and mellow most of the times. He prefers for my mom to do the talking and he would rather stand back. He teaches my brother and I life lessons almost everyday. He grew up in a house two streets over from where we currently live and he has always enjoyed Hainesport as a community. In terms of food my dad enjoys meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. On the other hand my mom would rather indulge in a healthier food such as indian food or sushi. Although somehow every night they manage to settle on a meal for the family.
My brother is more like my mom in terms of looks and I am said to “look just like my dad”, I definitely do not see the resemblance. Overall, both of my parents are amazing people and I am very fortunate to have both of them by my side to guide me through my stages of life.

Extended Future…

At the moment, I really do not have a clear vision of what I want my future, in terms of a career, to be. I have some job ideas in mind but I just do not feel that I have the perfect one just yet. It definitely is difficult for me to find a job that pays for my high maintenance lifestyle and at the same time, is…
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