Personal Statement : Organizational Development Practitioner

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Intro: Overview: Organizational development practitioner Rick Buccheri discussed his experiences of conflict management in several organizations. Primarily, his discourse was about the United Parcel Service and the Transportation Security Administration. He outlined his working theory that institutions should encourage “conflict engagement.” This is where individuals, groups, and systems would identify underlying conflicts that have yet to be expressed. Bucherri says good conflict engagement for at any level is as follows: • Seek the opportunity to be in conflict • Be energized by being in conflict • Incentivize being in conflict • Be passionate about being in conflict • Develop a culture of conflict engagement At the individual level, observant employees or managers can engage other people to uncover hidden anger or resentment. This individuals would seek an opportunity to be in conflict. Bucherri gave an example of recognizing a young man in distress and on the verge of tears. He stated that as an organizational development practitioner, it was his desire (he was energized) to engage the young man in conversation. Bucherri said that uncovering the stress in the young man’s life may have led to diffusing a potential conflict. He incentivized the young man to share by offering a listening ear with no judgement. Additionally, Bucherri’s actions echo what Runde and Flanagan espouse to be conflict competence at an organizational level. By helping the young man walk through
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