Personal Statement : Our Identity

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Our Identity in Christ With given a choice of what to write this paper, I could not get past the subtle nature of who we are as God’s creations. This fundamental truth of our identity is simplified with the truth of our identity in Jesus. We are created in God’s image with a purpose here on earth to display all of God’s greatness, His beauty, and to reveal all of His character aspects. Best of all, we are completely dependent on God. This new enlightenment of my identity in Christ as God’s creation will allow me to help people around the world become one with Christ by revealing the truth of their identity. “In God we find our origin and our destiny. And as we realize we have in God an origin and a destiny, we can begin to understand who…show more content…
This openness to the world leaves a giant hole in people’s hearts, and I like to call it “the God sized hole.” The only one that is able to fill that hole and sense of identity is Christ Himself. God shows us that we are to depend on Jesus to show us our true identity, thus leading us towards a life of fulfillment and significance. God had a better plan for us all along, he wanted for us to live out our purpose on this world, while living in community with everyone while glorifying God with the way we live out our purpose. Finding our identity in our culture today is difficult unless one is truly searching for truth and is being drawn to Jesus by God Himself. “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him (English Standard Version, John 6.44). The enemy is always attempting to undermine God’s work here in the world, however, God is still in ultimate control. This does not stop satan and his angels from blinding the minds of unbelievers of the truth of the gospel. If someone wants to find out the reason for their life, they have to go to the one who wrote the book on our life; Jesus. I was brought up in a denomination called the Church of Christ. At this denomination, there were godly people attending, just not as many as one would expect. They taught by strictly reading of scripture line by line rather than teaching the hermeneutics of the scriptures that the pastor chose
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