Personal Statement: Own Place for Inspiration

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MY SPECIAL PLACE FOR INSPIRATION One of my favorite places to relax is the roof of my apartment complex. It is unfinished and not meant for anybody to use but that is one of the reasons that I like it so much: it is the one place where I am guaranteed solitude simply because nobody else ever comes up there. On sunny days, I lay out a beach towel and lie in the sunshine and I never have to worry about who might be watching me because there are no windows within view. On less sunny days, I sometimes go up there and sit in a folding chair just people watching and nature watching. From my vantage point, I have a good view of the street below and I can observe all sorts of social behavior in the simplest social interactions between people in the street. Sometimes, it almost feels as though I'm spying on people because they have no idea that someone is high above looking down. I have watched couples in arguments that seemed like they might not have in front of others and I have noticed other differences in the way that people act when they know others are present and when they think nobody is watching them. People seem to be much more careful about parking their cars when they know other people might be watching than they are when they think they are alone. They are much more careful about bumping into other cars when they parallel park, for one example. Even though this is an urban environment, being up on my roof allows me to observe some of the natural world that we
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