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Delzetha E. Sinclair Smith Masters of Arts in Teaching, BSc. (hons.) Education, Diploma in Teaching PROFESSIONAL GOAL STATEMENTS DEGREE/SPECIALISATION: Ed.D. –SPECIAL EDUCATION PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL GOALS: A philosopher once wrote that learning is dynamic; and as such graduate school became a natural progression. Having read for a Masters Degree in teaching, this part of the journey translates into me eventually owning and operating a school that will cater for the whole child, with each grade level being equipped with a special education facilitator. As a teacher it has always been my belief that each child CAN and MUST be given a fair chance to learn in spite of any and every challenge- against this background my desire…show more content…
What stands out for me though was the fact that for the Masters’ program we had to do several research pieces to do. The two most critical ones were the one I did in the special education component- where cases study on a gifted child and a child with traumatic brain injury. I followed their successes and failures over a course of four months and recorded their conversations. The course rekindled my deep commitment to pursue further research and degrees in special education. The other research that stands out was when I did a paper on the use of multiply intelligences with a group of grade nine secondary school students. As is now well documented, GARDNER’S MI has had significant impact on the way many teachers now write lesson plans and execute them. I can say with certainty that I look forward to doing the research and presenting my dissertation in special education. I intend to do a case study looking at 10 fathers across the socio-economic strata to see the impact having a child with disability have on their families. WORK EXPERIENCE: Teaching for me is a “ministry” where each day I am able to reflect and reinvent the wheel making sure that the students are the primary beneficiaries of the subjects and life lessons I teach. It has been twenty-four wonderful years with challenges, but, none that could have made me walk away from my calling. I was blessed to teach at the primary, secondary and undergraduate levels. The journey has been
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