Personal Statement : Personal And Professional Goals

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Personal/Professional Goals As a child, there were times when I may have felt my voice wasn’t being heard or that no one around me cared about what was happening in my life. Those specific feelings caused me to act out. I later realized that there were so many people and resources around me to help resolve what I believed to be huge issues. This realization drove me to want to also be that person for a child who may feel the same way I did. These personal experiences have motivated me and shaped my choice to enter the field of social work. As I have grown, I have found that my most rewarding experiences involve helping people deal with life’s everyday issues and simply providing a listening ear. My passion for people and knowing that I will get a chance to constantly make a difference in other people lives is why I entered the field of social work. I am interested in obtaining my Masters of Social Work (MSW) from Walden University so that I can be better equipped to continue working in the field of social work. Upon receiving my Master’s in Social Work, not only will I have gained more education and training, but I will also be able to further assist those in need. I plan to use my degree by obtaining a position as a school social worker. This will give me an opportunity to work directly with the children in schools to help make sure that their needs are met and voices are heard. I look forward to empowering students and their families to be successful as well as helping
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