Personal Statement : Personal Branding Essay

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Personal branding is a concept that is geared for all people. It is not just for famous people. Suze Orman started off like a normal person, but now she carries a strong name brand. A simple person who wants to be successful and start branding their name. Years later, they may become a normal brand name in someone household. The high increase in online searches and social media platform, personal branding, is relevant. According to Cohen (2014), personal branding is a necessity and marketers need to learn to understand branding. Cohen (2014) stated personal branding is required to establishing a good reputation with the consumers, with a good reputation that will be credibility, and personal branding is about enhancing longevity. This paper will discuss what is needed in personal branding to be successful and why personal branding is important.

Literature Review

Aaker (1996) states brand is a product, an organization, and a symbol. This is where individuals differentiate themselves and stand out by having a unique value. A personal brand is the actual perception of others. When a person creates a personal brand, then they will stand out easily.
When consumers hear the word personal branding, they will automatically associated personal branding with corporate branding (Gail (2010), When a company has established a good reputation and have endurance longevity, customers will keep that company on their mind and not concern with a particular product. For

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