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PERSONAL BUSINESS PLAN Personal Mission Statement: As a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and having a business background in my family, becoming an entrepreneur and starting a new venture has always been my ultimate dream. Becoming an entrepreneur requires resilience, self-reliance, focus and vision, ability to handle pressure during the lows, positive approach towards every idea. As an entrepreneur, I have the ability to withstand every stone thrown at me and I can convert them into milestones. I am planning a startup venture in the field of 3-D printing manufacturing unit. Although I have an entrepreneurial mindset, I also have very deep core values in me which I got it from my parents. It is truly said “Your perspective of life comes from the cage you were held captive in”. My parents have always taught me to give importance to the family and then concentrate on the career plans. A successful business has no meaning and values if it is hindering your personal life and personal space which you should devote to your family. According to me, the morals and ethics should have higher values in every entrepreneur’s life. So, while establishing the goals one should also take the core values into consideration as these things gauges the success of a well- established entrepreneur. For me the family and their priorities always come first. It is the family who will bind me together, motivate me and show me the correct path if I might fail in my attempts and when my
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