Personal Statement: Personal Experience

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My Personal Experience, The date of the offense was July 19, 2014. It was a night full of mistakes and bad decisions, which I will never make again. The charges that I have been cited with are 1 Class B Misdemeanor (Driving under the Influence), 1 Class B Misdemeanor (Unlawful Consumption), 1 Class B Misdemeanor (Possession of Paraphernalia), 1 Class B Misdemeanor (Possession of Marijuana) and 1 Third Degree Felony (Possession). Since that night I distanced the people who were bringing me down in life and they ended up dropping out of my life as they only wanted to bring me down and I would not allow that any longer. Since the night of the arrest I have not participated in taking any narcotics or any illegal substances since. I have been extremely focused on my work and making…show more content…
I have then since worked my way up to Customer Loyalty as a Representative and have more recently been working towards a leadership position in the Customer Loyalty Department. I enjoy my job so much and I absolutely love what I do. We are in the business of saving lives and there is nothing more fulfilling then knowing I am able to help people and give them a sense of comfort every day. I put a lot of energy and spirit into my work and when I am not at work I have been participating in a Drug and Alcohol abuse program. Taking group and one-on-one counseling sessions as recommended from a Substance Abuse Evaluation. When I am not participating in the sessions I would surround myself with good friends and family. We spend quality time by going to the movies or going the park with my little brother to play football with him. I do greatly regret the decisions I made on that night but at the same time I and grateful for them. I feel as if the night I was cited with those charges it was a moment of realization. It made me truthfully see what I was doing to myself, my family and everyone else around me. It did hurt me gratefully to know what I was doing to them and see
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