Personal Statement : Personal Finance

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Personal Finance The most important part of having any success in your financial security is to have a sound financial plan. This is the process of managing your money to achieve personal economic satisfaction (pg. 5). Throughout this course I have learned many strategies that I will be able to use to gain financial security. Reading these chapters has helped me to realize that I do not have a good grip on my finances. I hope to take what I have learned and be in a more secure financial state that will be beneficial to me as well as my family. Financial Goals The most attainable goal right now to me will be working on a few short term goals that I can remove within the next year (pg. 11). I think by focusing on a few debts that can be paid off in a year’s time will allow me to focus on the bigger things that seem to be weighing me down financially. I think many people get burdened down with small bills because we see something and immediately think we have to have it. This has led to my situation of having small bills that I can actually get rid of and save that money for more important things. I think that working on these short term goals will lead me into taking that next step up to working on the intermediate goals. Intermediate goals have a time frame of two to five years (pg.11). These types of debt may take longer to pay off and may prove to be the real struggle. I think in my case it seems so far down the road that I will never reach that goal. I have taken what I
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