Personal Statement : Personal Health And Wellness Essay

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PHLS 150 Personal Health and Wellness Personal health and wellness are important factors towards life because without health, our quality of life would suffer greatly. There are many factors that contribute to health and wellness; some can be managed, but many are out of our control. Below are four main topic that caught my attention throughout the course. The first topic is preventing violence and injury. Violence is, “a set of behaviors that produces injuries, as well as the outcomes of these behaviors (the injuries themselves)” (Donatella, 2015)**. Violence can be caused by many factors. Those factors include cultural beliefs, discrimination, religious beliefs, and political differences as well as others. These factors are socially based issues that are triggered by beliefs within oneself and things such as anger, substance abuse and social pressure. The lack of control over one 's emotions often times leads to hate crimes which is, “a crime targeted against a particular societal group and motivated by bias against that group” (Donatella, 2015)**. This can be manifested in many ways, for example gang violence, domestic violence and terrorism are the most recognizable in today’s society. In fact, one in three women and one in ten men have reported to have been victims of intimate partner violence. In essence, violence and crime are within our reach of control within ourselves. Another aspect that is often out of our control is injury; it can be either
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