Personal Statement : Personal Identity

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Personal identity is a valued sense of oneself as it sets us apart from any other one individual. Time transpires, yet we are capable of identifying who we are because of the personal identity we manage to sustain. Personal identity is a significant and strong factor that allows us to lead our everyday lives, separating us from everyone else in the present, past, and future. Individuals day in and day out are subject to rapid change internally and externally and coming across obstacles that can appear to alter personal identity, so the question that arises is “Does the identity of a person persist through time?” Yes, the identity of a person does persist through time. I believe this to be true, as identity is a strong and intricate collection of many unbeknownst factors surpassing the feebleness of other forces throughout the course of time. The topic of discussion is personal identity: who we are or what we define ourselves to be, allowing for a distinguishing factor between our personal identity and other personal identities. Personal identity is subject to varying definitions and perspectives all while asking questions like: What establishes a personal identity, what factors entail a personal identity, how is personal identity created, is personal identity capable of being replicated etc. However, one particular manner in which personal identity becomes a subject of disagreement is whether the identity of a person is able to persist through time? Two philosophers, John
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