Personal Statement : Personal Leadership

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Self-awareness is beneficial to any individual who is learning to become a better leader. Reflecting on personal leadership allows one to identify leadership strengths and recognize weaknesses in leadership styles which all build on becoming a better leader. From the multiple assessments I have done, I have recognized patterns in my leadership style showing I have balance in my leadership qualities. Through these assessments, I can see what qualities I need to improve on. I reflect first on the results presented to me in the StrengthFinder report. My qualities are spread through all four of the domains where the Executing domain has two themes. These themes are very representative of my personality. The Achiever theme is reflective of…show more content…
With time, I can rationalize what the best response and result will be for the team. My Myers-Briggs personality relates back to my Gallop StrengthFinders results as I am an ESTP or the “Entrepreneur.” My strengths as an ESTP revolve around being bold, rational and practical, and being original and direct. Some weaknesses I identify as an ESTP are I am impatient in implementing new ideas and being unstructured in how I achieve my goals. I am constantly thinking at a high-paced, creative level and sometimes have trouble coherently expressing creative ideas to my group members. I strive in free environments where there is little structure such as case competitions that allow for unique solutions. The Tolerance to Ambiguity and Innovative Attitude scales reflect my personality character and leadership style. My Tolerance to Ambiguity was in the second quartile and my Innovative Attitude was between the 68th and 86th percentile. My low score for tolerance shows I am able to take on tasks that have little structure or precedents set. This relates to my ESTP personality styles as I thrive in unstructured environments. My Innovative Attitude scale also relates to my Myers-Briggs personality in that I am open to change and new ideas. When I think about “Why would anyone want to follow me?” I look at the combined results of all my leadership qualities and traits. There is a pattern in the assessments: I have a tendency to seek innovative and original ideas, to
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