Personal Statement : Personal Leadership Philosophy

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Subj: PERSONAL LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY 1. Leadership is all around us regardless of position. Everyone, in some manner, has the opportunity to lead and make an impact whether at home or at work, low on the rank structure or at the top of the proverbial food chain. A successful leader is someone who has a vision, strong core values, a servant and someone who can win the hearts of those to whom they are leading to accomplish a mission; leaders work themselves out of a job if successful. Influences within my career were Chiefs on my boat who were not afraid to get their hands dirty, first classes who worked late and made themselves available when we were all screwing up to ensure we would succeed without retribution on the following Monday and dozens more with attributes I wanted to follow and visions I thought were worth wild to achieve. Through these exposures, I have realized that a successful leader is a servant. My leadership philosophy is to provide a vision, be an example, and empower people to succeed, be a servant to those doing the work, reward success and get out of the way. 2. I have learned that people will always surprise you with what he/she can do given the opportunity and vision of what could be. From my experience most people want to contribute and be of value to their peer group and the common cause, but he/she must have a vision of where they are going. Often the why’s and motivation separation from team members
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