Personal Statement : Personal Media

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Personal Media Manifesto Media usage can be a positive thing, it benefits many businesses as a way to promote their brand and items, as well as creates networks for young entrepreneurs. Media usage however, also has it down falls, from cyber bullying to misrepresenting news to people as well as portraying a false image of what one should look like. Media is a blank canvas for young minds to express themselves, and it is advancing so fast that it is being integrated in our everyday lives. Which ever way you look at it, media can be interpreted in many different ways, as the consumers are all different and have all had many different experiences. I personally try not to let the media surrounding my life affect how I think, it is just hard, because even though I am aware of it I still tend to let it get to me because it is in almost every aspect of my life. I personally do not use media as much as society tends to interpret about my generation and peers. I limit myself and have control over how much time I spend on my social accounts. I have one Instagram account and a snapchat account. Instagram was originally made to allow users to post pictures and it is now used for news, pictures, videos, direct messages and much more. These changes have been added because of the demand that lies within its users, who get easily bored. Almost every time I log onto my account I see pictures of nearly naked women and inappropriate comments from men. What is dangerous about this
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