Personal Statement : Personal Nursing Journey

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Personal Nursing Journey I have had the distinct privilege and honor of practicing the art of nursing since 2000. Throughout this time, I have seen the profession evolve through technology, practice and theory. With the recent and constant change created by the healthcare reform, today’s nurse must realize that learning is a lifelong process that does not end upon graduation. The nurse is never done learning, especially as technology and medical knowledge are constantly evolving. My most recent endeavor has been the pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Western Carolina University. This education has broadened my mind to the opportunities nursing has to offer and has enriched my personal and professional goals. My vision for myself is that I will always continue learning in order to provide patients with the best possible care. Participation in Western Carolina University’s Bachelor’s program provides me personal exposure to current healthcare topics and methodology for exploration. I feel that the nurse’s primary objective, no matter what environment they work in, is to make sure patient’s receive the best treatment available in a timely manner. As this is rarely a one-person task, participation in this advanced education opportunity has stimulated my appreciation for achievement of quality patient care using the multidisciplinary approach. Additionally, exposure to other healthcare organizations has created an advantage for identification of best care
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