Personal Statement : Personal Vision Statement Essay

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Personal Vision Statement

I believe that education; preparation and planning are keys to success. My vision is to apply those principles to my work ethic and applies my knowledge and skills to my professional performance. Therefore, better my workplace delivering excellence in results and stand out as a leader. I strongly believe that the most important part of a business is its people, and example is the best way to express an effective organizational culture.

Personal Mission Statement

I am a committed hard worker and I will do everything in my power to ensure that I deliver effective results and better myself in the process. Including, finding resolutions to the problems that encounter in the workplace and encouraging my co-workers promoting team efforts to achieve our departments and organizational goals’.

Leadership Traits

I can identify the following traits, proposed by Zaccaro, Kemp, and Bader in their Studies of Leadership Traits and Characteristics on 2004, as part of my leadership believes (Northouse, 2016):

Cognitive Abilities Openness Self-Monitoring
Extraversion Agreeableness Emotional Intelligence
Consciousness Motivation Problem Solving
Emotional Stability Social Intelligence

I have worked on my character and skills since I started to work as an Administrative Assistant when I was 16 years old, working for a small Management firm for entertainment customers. Definitively, that was his experience that inspired me the most…

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