Personal Statement : Physical Emergency

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Physical Emergency In the event of a physical emergency, there are many things that I must do to ensure that I will get the care I need. If I find myself in a situation that I need care immediately, I will call 911 or have someone call for me. I will have the ambulance take me to the Canton Beaumont Medical Center, and if I need to be transferred after that, I will have them take me to Beaumont Dearborn. If I can, I will also call my dad and let him know that I am hurt/going to the hospital. If I cannot physically make the call, I will have someone else call him for me or I will try to text him. He is the family member I should try to contact first because he is most likely to have his phone on him, and he can spread the word to other…show more content…
If I cannot contact any of the previous people listed, I will call my therapist, Carol. She is a trained professional that can listen to my struggles and talk me through them. If I cannot contact Carol, I will call the Alcoholics Anonymous hotline because I know for a fact that someone will answer. In addition to reaching out to other people, I will go to as many meetings as possible because I know that I never walk out of a meeting feeling worse than I did when I walked in. In the extremely unfortunate case that I relapse, I will be honest about my relapse with Nita, Clay, Carol, and my parents as soon as possible. I will go to even more meetings than I already do, pray, count on my friends/family for support, and stick with my Program. A relapse does not mean I am a failure, it means that what I was doing wasn’t working anymore and I need to make some adjustments in my life so I will not feel the need to drink/use again. Another psychological issue I need to prepare myself for is another spout of major depression. From experience, I know my depression manifests itself as fatigue, loss of appetite, irritability, and a general sense of apathy. If I feel these things coming on, I will share them with my therapist, Carol. She will probably suggest I exercise, among other things, and I will listen. I will take what she says to heart because I know
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