Personal Statement : ' Pockets Full Of Nothing '

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怀怀na Mak Dr. Leah Pate Writing 340 23 October 2014 Pockets Full of Nothing As women grow older, the pocket, which they called a friend since childhood, seems to slowly disappear from their clothing, until it is useless or nonexistent. Women today rarely have the comfort of warming their hands during the cold seasons, rolling up pocket lint, or the exciting feeling of finding a long-lost dollar bill from months gone by. The modern pocket on clothing that we know today was historically an accessory that could be attached and detached to clothing for both men and women, as opposed to sewn on or purposefully cut pockets for modern men’s clothing. The pocket was created as a convenience to hold small items. This convenience is something that many women wish for today, as they break free from the traditional feminine skirt to wear the powerful pant, and yet cannot even place something as simple as their keys in their non-existent pocket. It may seem silly to see pockets as some sort of problem that needs to be addressed. But pockets exclusively limit their female bearers. That is to say, the pockets on female garments are nearly nonexistent in modern fashion. On a casual night out, men are able to carry their wallets, cell phones, and spare change if needed. However, if we look at women’s clothing, almost all women can attest to the burden of carrying a purse on their night out. As cellphones get larger, it seems that pockets are conversely getting smaller, and
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