Personal Statement : Practicing Law

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A profession I’ve always admired and one I feel would be a great fit for me is practicing law. Yes, I want to become a lawyer. It is a sturdy profession, and is a necessity amongst people, businesses, couples, and the list goes on and on. I have always enjoyed saying what was on my mind, and interacting with people. I enjoy long conversation and arguing thoughts and opinions. To be perfectly honest, I like to be right and use logic and reason to justify my ideas. These are traits that make a good lawyer, and I feel that I possess most of them. In accordance with my desire to become a successful lawyer, my personality test would support my want to practice law as it has determined that I am a ISTP. This means for the most part I am a…show more content…
So what kinds of abilities must a lawyer have? There are many important qualities a lawyer must have in order to be successful. The Occupational Outlook Handbook gives a very nice summary of the kinds of skills make a well- established lawyer. Certain skills needed include: analytical skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, research skills, speaking skills, and writing skills (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15). Lawyers help their clients resolve problems and issues. It would seem necessary that a lawyer would be able to analyze data and recommend possible solutions to the problem. Also, you are representing someone else and for this reason you must gain the respect and confidence of your client. They will be sharing personal information with you, and it’s only natural that they would be very timid. You need to be able to communicate with them in order to gain their trust. Now, what may arguably be the biggest challenge for a lawyer is to not become emotionally involved with your client. In order to solve the problem, you must be able to objectively evaluate the problem. You do not want your own feelings clouding your ability to see the problem clearly. Research skills are crucial considering you will be conducting a substantial amount of research for different cases. All lawyers need to be able to find what applicable laws and regulations apply to a specific matter and be able to state their case clearly and quickly. Again, lawyers are hired by
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