Personal Statement : Professional Development

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I have grown professionally throughout my time at Liberty in terms of my counseling skills, knowledge, and disposition. I have become more confident as an adult and professionally which has inspired me to expand my knowledge base so that I can find and use new techniques and skills to be further on my game. Although my professional development started as a different career in Special Education the two careers’ professional development is similar in terms of dispositions and some skills as well. The dispositions would include social responsibility, work ethic, and reflective practices. Similar skills are collaboration, research and evaluation, and assessment. Hence, my professional development is a lifelong process that took some twist and…show more content…
Also, I learned that although new techniques are being tested and researched, what we use with students depends on what they need. Personalized school counseling is key because everyone is unique and have different needs. For instance, a fidget spinner might be best for student a, while student b might need a seat change instead. Therefore, sometimes tried and true techniques is more useful than new ones. Completing this program has also expanded my understanding of collaboration. During one of my earlier classes we were assigned a group project in one of my online classes. This project was set up as each person would do his or her part but the research and evaluation was done together. This gave me firsthand experience in collaborating subcategories in the counseling sense. Also, through intensives where I would take a class on campus, I experienced the other collaboration types, 50 – 50, and the divide and concur where the work was divided by our expertise. These moments were important to my professional development by giving me the firsthand knowledge of collaboration and as collaboration practice before working in a counseling session. The collaboration in a counseling settings in my practicum and internship classes taught me that it is not always about picking a collaboration type and sticking to it; it is just about working together. I also learned that my collaboration goal, what I will work towards, is the 50-50 collaboration style, although I also
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