Personal Statement: Professional Dispositions

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Professional Dispositions Paper
Jaiden G. Campbell
Spring 2017
EDUC 2002 Orientation to Teaching

During these first few months as a Deaf education major at USAO, I’ve begun to understand that an effective teacher must honor a multitude of commitments. The most fundamental of these are their commitment to being a knowledgeable lifelong learner, an ethical professional, as well as a fair and reflective facilitator. It is absolutely imperative that I master these professional dispositions before I graduate and enter my first year of teaching. Thankfully, I am already making progress towards this goal.
The most effective teachers are so advantageous in part because they have committed to being knowledgeable lifelong learners. By
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As advocates for students, compassion is key. Throughout my life as an elementary, middle, and high school student I felt like That Kid. In elementry school I didn’t have the reliable family environment I needed to succeed fully. I am also dyslexic and have Attention Deficit Disorder. In middle and high school, I began to fall ill and was diagnosed with a heart condition and a seizure condition. These experiences and the challenges I overcame to graduate with my class and to be where I am today have given me great insight. I am a wiser, more caring, and loving person because of it and my students will…show more content…
I am specifically seeking to improve my timeliness, professional appearance, and communication skills. I am immediately working on improving my timeliness. I have discovered that I am definitely the type of person who needs a routine. When I become ill or stay up late doing homework it throws off my entire schedule. This week I have begun waking up every morning at 6:00 am. This gives me plenty of time to get ready and wake up. So far it is going well. I am also gradually improving my professional appearance. As a 20 year old and a freshman in college, I am only now beginning to expand my professional wardrobe. Unfortunately, in the last several months I’ve lost 45lbs. This has made buying and maintaining a well fitting professional wardrobe a grueling task. I am also working on strengthening my communication skills. As a Deaf education major I am required to take four levels of American Sign Language(ASL) courses. I have currently only completed ASL 1. Brian Cheslik has invited me to Austin to see their spring production, however, I am still not completely confident in my communication abilities in ASL. In time and with practice I will be confident I am
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