Personal Statement : Professional Identity

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Using examples relevant to your discipline, define professional identity as it relates to health and human services delivery and discuss and consider how industry, professional and quality agencies guide the provision of safe and effective patient or client care in your discipline. Nursing is one of the most intimate health care professions. They are connected to their patients as soon as they are admitted into their care right through until they are discharged into someone else’s care. With this, nurses have a strict professional identity and scope of practice to prevent a nurse from over stepping their professional boundaries. A nurses’ duty of care does go beyond the average healthcare professional but still does not impair the…show more content…
In this article Holland used external references from P Muskin’s Clinical guide to Countertransference: Current Psychiatry article published in 2009 as a means of comparing the practical way of handling a person in a time of grief compared to the unnamed Louisianan nurse who had over step many boundaries. Holland had conducted interviews and many colleagues of the nurse who said she had “acted in a completely unprofessional manner” and “should have realised the boundaries” and that she is “now a warning for young nurses beginning their practice”. Although her actions may have been innocent her morals and beliefs overtook her professional identity when consulting and supporting the family and friends of the patient, she disagreed with the doctor in charge of the case and went around the hospital staff to the family to change their minds to what she believed would make the best outcome for the patient. Holland’s example show how a nurses’ morals and belief can become impaired when they become to close or disagree with a diagnosis or outcome. Standards, code of ethics, scope of practice and guidelines are the most helpful tools for a nurse to remain professional towards the patients and/or clients. The purpose of a code of ethics for nurses is
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