Personal Statement : Professional Integrity Essay

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Introduction Today’s nurses have the view of being very academic and respected individuals; however this was not always the case. Nurses in present day now have the view of professionals by definition. To be a professional, there are a many attributes that are required. More specifically, nursing professionals have precise attributes that are needed for the job. Nursing is a very demanding job that not every professional can do. Being full of integrity, confidence, and having effective communication skills is what nurses require to be professionals. Professional Integrity Professional integrity accomplishes the need to be ethical, honest and most of all, for patient safety. Without integrity, there would be no structure in the workplace. Moral distress is often an integral part of proving one’s integrity (Laabs, 2007, p. 806). Oftentimes, a lack of courage during moral distress causes compromises to moral integrity. When pressured with a productivity quota and the need to maintain employment, the risk of accepting integrity-compromising activity is common (Laabs, 2007, p. 809). Because of the many instances of moral conflict in nursing, practices of integrity are vital and need to be sought after. It has been argued that from moral conflict in the nursing profession, nurses have a better grasp on how to be ethical than the average person (Laabs, 2007, p. 809). Nursing professionals need to be constantly learning how to use their integrity in the workplace to maintain
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