Personal Statement : Psychology And Personal Goals In Psychology

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Personal statement

To me, there has never been anything that has interested me more than the working of the human brain, our emotions, the way we deal with situations and the uniqueness of each individual person.

After researching into psychology, I realised it is something that has been a constant aspect of my life. From things as silly as watching crime shows and seeing the psychologists at work to giving close friends and family little, off-the-cuff “sessions” of just listening to their problems and trying to help them find a solution or just gain a better understanding of the situation. It also made me realise and understand the adversities that I have had in my life and I can see looking back now when I would have benefited from speaking with a psychologist. All this has shown me that psychology and helping others through their personal struggles is my goal, and I want to achieve it through my studies.

I am usually very indecisive about things, whenever we were asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I used to be the kid who did not have any idea of what I wanted to be. As I grew up, I would come across a course which I thought was right for me but then I would hear about something else and I changed my mind just as quick. When I got the opportunity, I attended an open day where I got to meet staff and students in diverse fields. There I spoke to those who are in psychology and we discussed the course, I realised that this was a field I wanted to know more

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