Personal Statement : Public Relations

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Overwhelmed with the amount of contacts that I could meet with for this interview, I decided that it would be in my best interest to select a public relations professional that has a similar education background as the one I will complete at Kwantlen Polytechinc University. Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with two public relations practitioners that had in fact graduated from the public relations program at KPU. In their current jobs, one of the graduates focuses on PR media relations, while the other focuses mainly on PR event planning. After careful consideration of which area of expertise interested me the most, I decided to interview Tara Flanagan, the PR practitioner who specializes in event planning, because I wanted to …show more content…
Nearing her graduation from the KPU PR program 2008, she completed her practicum at Coast Capital Savings in the Community and Sponsorships department (T. Flanagan, personal communications, September 30, 2014). Upon her completion of the practicum, and successful graduation from the KPU PR program, Tara began to work at Northbridge Insurance as a “summer temp”. That same year, Tara was able to find a role that suited her and has stayed at the company ever since.
On the side, Tara works part-time as a Partnership Activation Game Night Assistant of the Vancouver Canucks, and is a part-time student at SFU where she is finishing her degree in Communications (personal communication, September 30, 2014). Regardless of her full-time role, Tara has always had another job on the side that introduces her to new things. Prior to being with the Canucks, she worked for Blue Ruby, a Vancouver based jewellery company, and CHUM Radio in their promotions department. When asked how she manages her time with everything going on in her life the first thing Tara points out is that she is single and therefore there is no other person she has to worry about besides herself.
In her six years at Northbridge Insurance, Tara states that her title has changed around five times and she has learned that “titles rarely are a true reflection of what responsibilities your job requires and instead are more aligned with industry norms” (personal
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