Personal Statement : Public Relations

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Overwhelmed with the amount of contacts that I could meet with for this interview, I decided that it would be in my best interest to select a public relations professional that has a similar education background as the one I will complete at Kwantlen Polytechinc University. Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with two public relations practitioners that had in fact graduated from the public relations program at KPU. In their current jobs, one of the graduates focuses on PR media relations, while the other focuses mainly on PR event planning. After careful consideration of which area of expertise interested me the most, I decided to interview Tara Flanagan, the PR practitioner who specializes in event planning, because I wanted to further my understanding in this element of PR. My paper will consist of information about Tara, aspects of her career as a PR professional, and conclude with her advice to a student who is currently studying PR. Tara, born in Langely, is the oldest sibling of her family with one younger brother who now towers over her at 6’4 (T. Flanagan, September 30, 2014). She moved to downtown Vancouver at the age of 24 to pursue her career in public relations. Although she loves the city life, Tara grew up “camping, boating, playing sports, and spending summers at Christina Lake”. In her spare time, Tara is usually nose deep in a book, usually an autobiography or a thriller, or on her phone, reading tweets posted by “CNN, News1130, Vancouver Sun, The New
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