Personal Statement: Pursuing A Car As A Career

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Ever since I was a little kid, I knew something was different about me than all of the other girls. I noticed that they all liked to play with dolls and I was playing with hot wheels and remote-controlled monster trucks. Eventually, as I started to grow up I figured out it was my infatuation for cars that made me stand out from the other girls. In particular, when we would discuss what we wanted to be when we were older majority of the girls would say they wanted to be a princess or a nurse, but I said I wanted to be a racecar driver. Once I found out that cars was a passion of mine, I started going to car meets, races, and started modifying my own car! Transferring to UCLA I hope to claim a job in the automotive industry, preferably in a performance…show more content…
This is why I did not agree with the other girls about our desires to be princesses or nurses, because I did not have those desires at all. I am absolutely certain that my involvement in cars has actually helped me to become a better person and a better student. The people who work in this industry are very grateful for what they have and are also very giving. They have shown me that we should help those who aren’t as lucky or fortunate as us and help guide them down a successful path in life. My passion of cars has given me the ability to write critically about topics I did not think I could write about, academically. For instance, in my English 100 class at MiraCosta College I was taught how to apply critical literacy in my essay about the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. Sometimes, subjects that seem hard to embed academic writing into are actually just an illusion. It is an illusion of our imagination telling us that these types of subjects aren’t educational enough to write about. I believe through attending the University of Los Angeles I can get a better understanding in the business world and this can one day help to assist me in opening my own tuning/performance
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